Monday, July 25, 2011


In need of something to give as a small present? These quilted zippered tissue cases or covers are just the thing!
The pattern is for machine embroidery only and is available to purchase from GG Designs Embroidery and all you need is one fat quarter, one 18cm minimum dress zip and either very thin wadding or a small piece of flannel/flannelette.
Just a note I also quilted the back of some of the covers so this was an additional step or hooping before actually making the tissue cover. I did this as the front is quilted and I wanted the back quilted to match, you could of course omit this step in which case the back is just plain. You could also choose to use a different fabric for the inside or back cover which I did with the pink/green spot fabric. The ribbon loop at the end is also optional. You could then make a key holder or a small cosmetic bag to match the possibilities are endless.
Above is just a few covers that I made this weekend and instead of using wadding as suggested in the instructions, I used one layer of white flannelette.
What do you think? I plan on making a heap of these to have handy when I need a little present.

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