Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frilly bloomers

Aren't these just gorgeous! I purchased this lovely nappy cover design from Whimsy Couture on Etsy .
The hardest decision was deciding which fabrics to use from my stash and there is literally hundreds there. Decided to go with a lovely pink fabric for the pants and some white and green for the frills. This size is 18 mths but the pattern is for premmie up to size 6. What do you think for a first attempt?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

MEST get together

Melbourne Etsy Street Team had a lovely informal get together on Friday 19th November at The Works, Burwood Rd in Hawthorn.
Lovely store with gorgeous knic knacks for any occasion with a lovely cafe upstairs.
Present were Kate, Sylvana, Andria, Kass, Liz and Jan, Robyn, Clare, Maryann and myself.
Good food, good company what more can you ask for?

In bloom

Lots of other lovely cactii have opened up this week, the lovely huge cream one (several flowers) and also the pink one (forgot to take a pic). Also this lovely flowering bulb and I can't remember what it is called.
See the lovely cactus in my last post with the small pink flower just emerging? Well yep the flower is now black and I have removed it in the hope of saving the last flower to emerge. Hmm this bug/insect has good taste!
Anyway have bought the cactus indoors so I can keep an eye on the remaining flower.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cactus is about to flower

I have a lovely collection of cactii some given to me and some purchased. But my favourite one is this lovely cactus I bought at Victoria Market some years back. It has lovely pink flowers which you can see at the top (almost about to open) however last time it flowered I missed it, perhaps it only flowers at night not sure.
I also have another cactus called "Queen of the Night" bought as a cutting last year and its growing like crazy but no sign of any flowers yet.