Friday, September 23, 2011


Well I managed during the week to make my first Christmas project for this year! A lovely rag Christmas wreath using instructions found here.
I purchased two wreaths from Spotlight one 12 inches and one 14 inches as I wanted the wreath to be nice and full. I also purchased a total of 9 Christmas themed flat fats from Spotlight, three each in colours of red, green and cream. I also purchased some red ribbon in two sizes one smaller one to hang the wreath with and a much wider one for the bow.
Bear in mind you could use grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon or a combination of ribbon and fabrics in making a rag wreath. You could also make a themed wreath ie Halloween, Easter, Valentines day or simply use one jelly roll of fabrics the possibilites for these are endless!
To begin I firstly used some wire to join the two circles together so they would not move in 4 places. Then I cut all fabric into 1.5 inch strips - no need to prewash fabric as you will not be washing this wreath and then into 6 inch lengths (you can of course cut them longer its up to you).
Then as per the instructions simply tied these all the way around each wreath ie one red, one green and one cream. Only tying once is sufficient and then remember every now and then to push the pieces close together as you want this wreath nice and full.
Once you have finished just add some ribbon at the top to hang your wreath and a lovely bow to place on your wreath as well (mine is not cut yet).
Very happy with the end result and can't wait to hang it on the front door for all to see! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well yes the baby boom month is officially here. I have been "sew" busy sewing orders and purchasing fabric that it has left little time for anything else.
So here's a look at some of the orders made and sold so far this month from Thecabbagepatch.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here's just a few more items that were ordered and made during the month of August 2011. Some lovely bibs in different designs and the most gorgeous blanket requested for a little one turning one!


Well the month of August just flew by and the baby boom is in full swing. Here's just a few pics of what I have been making - baby bibs in various designs and names and a birthday present for Janet - a lovely lingerie bag!