Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chocolate Ripple Log

This recipe is a favourite in our household and usually all eaten in one night!
You can jazz this up a little by adding strawberries and kiwi fruit around the bottom but as time was against me whilst making this I left those off.

Chocolate Ripple Log

Chocolate ripple biscuits x 2 packets
Thickened cream 600ml
2 teaspoons sugar
I teaspoon vanilla essence

Open biscuits and place 4 aside for later. Do not eat them as you will need them to finish. Beat cream, sugar and vanilla essence together until well combined. Thick but not too thick if you know what I mean.
Place the dish you will be using to plate this on, in front of you.
Using a spatula and one biscuit cover the flat base of the biscuit with cream then add another biscuit and cover that base with cream and so on until you have finished either all the biscuits (expect those 4 you put aside earlier) or you have filled your dish/plate. Now cover the entire log with the leftover cream.
Now place those 4 biscuits in a freezer/plastic bag and using a rolling pin crush until you have fine crumbs. Now holding the dish/plate over the kitchen sink sprinkle those crumbs over the top and very gently on the sides. Tilt the dish ever so slightly to do this. Refrigerate until set. Just before serving cut some strawberries and kiwi fruit and place all around the bottom of the dish/plate. Enjoy!!!

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