Saturday, March 3, 2012


I recently purchased a pattern for making cloth menstrual pads on Etsy from seller Ihearttosew and immediately set about searching thru my huge stash of fabrics (flannel and cottons) to make these and found the only thing I had to purchase was PUL. So lucky to find someone on Ebay (Australia) selling it so once it arrived it was down to business.

Fabric requirements:

Flannel fabric
Towelling (terry)

I made both cotton and flannel pads and would definately make more of the flannel - its nice and soft against the skin. The towelling I have on hand is lovely and thick and it definitely pays to add the PUL as this is a waterproof layer to prevent leaking. So I used a total of 4 layers as follows

Top or 1st layer – flannel or cotton
2nd layer – towelling
3rd layer – PUL
4th layer – flannel or cotton

I did change the shape of the pattern to make it easier to sew (see last pic) and plan on making many more! If you have been thinking about making these I would highly recommend you make one to try! They are easy to wash to, I soak mine overnight in a bucket of cold water then pop into a lingerie bag and wash with the towels!


  1. Well there you go. Learned something new :) they are very pretty leeanne. Well done :)

  2. You've used some very pretty fabrics Leeanne! I don't know if I'd be able to get over dirtying such beautiful fabrics...LOL.
    But, cloth pads are a great idea; a bunch of ladies at my church made a stack of these to send to women in poverty-stricken areas of Africa.