Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade fabric Santa's

Here are just two gorgeous fabric Santa's I made 2 years ago. Both are made with patterns and gorgeous fabric and the fabric I think is what makes them look soooo good. One Santa is stuffed with polyfill and wool for the beard (sitting on the tv unit) and I also made one each for the parents as well. The pattern is from Picklemouse Corner and is called "Country Santa". The other Santa is "flat" has quilt wadding and looks great hanging on the wall. I like them both what do you think?
Also included some pics of the kids Christmas stockings made using gorgeous fabric, wadding for the middle, fabric for the inside, minkee for the top and yes they have their names embroidered on the top.


  1. Love the way you've done those stockings Leeanne!

  2. Both santa's are very cute! The stockings look great too.